DASEC INTERNATIONAL DASEC INTERNATIONAL was originally, an enterprise founded in May 2006 with the object of supplying business information reports and specializing in business intelligence, trade receivables management, mediation in litigation and debt collection. In February 2017, DASEC took its current form and denomination due to the rapid expansion of its area of coverage. The business is the brainchild of a group of dedicated consultants with diverse and varied skills who have been, for the most part of them, pioneering systematic business information reports in West and Central Africa.

Our partners are for the most part, major credit insurance companies, worldwide business information and databases suppliers, and reputable debt collection firms. Our partners virtually come from all corners in the world even though mainly passing through companies based in Europe, Asia, the United States and Africa. They have been trusting us for a number of years because we help them make safe decision and identify all the contingencies of risks incurred or to be transferred; and thanks to our efficiency in debt collection, they are able to significantly recover receivables and thus preserve commercial relations with their partners.

DASEC: it's a complete accompaniment. Analysis and risk assessment

Have all the information in hand before making a credit, investment or equity decision. DASEC provides you with all the necessary information about the prospect's life, shareholders, finances and economic environment.

We are also able to trace the life of the company, its legal existence, its location, its activities and operations, its actors and their morality, the implications of its actors in other cases, its payment habits, background and affiliations, and possible bribes

We bring together the results of these different investigations in a careful report that we provide you. The latter will guide you more in your decision making, in order to take the least risk possible.

DASEC helps you face conflict situations that may affect your relationship with your partners and customers.

You can call on us to help you collect your receivables. You will gain in cost, time and productivity.

With our negotiation expertise, we help you quickly find common ground and compromise with your customers and partners. Operate safely with our services.

In the event that legal remedies are unavoidable, our experts and our network of partners facilitate the proceedings and work to obtain a court decision in your favor.