Who are we ?

DASEC INTERNATIONAL was originally, an enterprise founded in May 2006 with the object of supplying business information reports and specializing in business intelligence, trade receivables management, mediation in litigation and debt collection. In February 2017, DASEC took its current form and denomination due to the rapid expansion of its area of coverage...

Dasec secures your trade

At our place, the customer is king. We want you to find the product and service that's right for you. We guide you from A to Z so that you have the information you need to make a good decision.

Debt recovery

We know and master perfectly the different aspects and characteristics of the structures of the business information industry in the countries where we operate.

We will then provide you with effective help in case of no payment. Our collection procedures facilitate the recovery of your receivables, without altering your commercial relations with your customers.

Business information and credit reports
Normal Credit Report NCR
Express Credit Report ECR
Flash Credit Report FCR
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