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DASEC is a partner of choice for any company wishing to build sustainable business relationships with a customer base based in Africa. We inform you, advise you and assist you in the recovery of debts. We are a company specialized in business information, credit reporting, monitoring and debt collection. Our areas of expertise are as follows.

1-/ Credit Management and Receivables Portfolio Management

From audit to the issuance of business advices, we artfully mix financial, sales and marketing as well as strategic skills with our diligences in consultancy. This makes you comfortable to trust us as your reliable receivables portfolio management outsource.

This allows you to have an in-depth knowledge of your customer base structure in terms of credit terms and limits for each individual client.

2-/ Precise Corporate Information and Checks

Whether it is for credit decision, equity or capital investment , our tailor-made pieces of information provide you with accurate insights onto the life of the prospect, its equity structure, its financial performances, and of course the related overall economic environment. Depending upon the urgency of your needs, our various reports:

Normal Credit Report NCR

Express Credit Report

Flash Credit Report

Quick Infos

Land on your desktop , precise data on your prospect’s life, its legal existence, location, business lines and operations, its parentship, its principals and their ethics , payment behavior , significant events records and many more. . Our reasoned opinions at the end the reports guide and help you make informed decisions

3-/ Intermediation and Commercial Litigation

Some delicate occurrences may compromise your hardly won relationships with your clients. We assist and help you resolve your disputes and misunderstandings with your foreign customers and partners. We avoid lengthy proceedings and waste of time before the courts and international trade dispute resolution bodies. Our techniques are based on friendly approaches and our means of pressure have proved being very effective.

4-/ Debt Collection

Our collection procedures make easy the recovery of your receivables while keeping untarnished your commercial relations with your customers.

Our negotiation-based recovering technics facilitate compromises and our expertise in pressure making has been evolved from actual field experience. Nevertheless, in case of judicial remedies, networks of legal experts are our dynamic partners who facilitate and accelerate procedures. By appointing us as your subrogated debt collectors, you save in time, cost and productivity.

5-/ Due diligence

As part of strategic projection skills, we go beyond the classic information supply by accompanying you all the way down to your decision-making. It is for this reason that we carry out thorough and minute investigations into all aspects of the life of the subject, including the morality of the principals, the sources of funding( to avoid Money laundering), the stake of principals in other businesses , and of course sensitive issues engaging corrupt practices.

6-/ Business monotoring

The icing on the cake : We support you all the way through your decision-making process: Our weekly, monthly or quarterly updates on the client's life and financial situation allow you to be informed about any changes that may affect its creditworthiness or increase the risk of non-payment. Our alerts and spontaneous investigations bring you insights on new negative developments in the life of the company or on some hidden aspects that could inevitably lead to payment incidents.

We can also help you hand over commercial documents, monitor deliveries of goods and customers' payments. You are thus timely informed about birthing payment difficulties or the due dates postponements.